The Revit Add-in

Beginning with version 3.1, Direct Design has the ability to import structures from Autodesk Revit. This transfer of model information saves time, ensures consistency between models, and makes it even easier to quickly generate a comprehensive masonry design for any building compliant with the conditions of Direct Design.

To use this feature there is an add-in for Revit that must be downloaded and installed:

       Download Revit add-in installer

         Note: This download is only for the Revit add-in. Direct Design Software can be downloaded here.

This functionality was added in conjunction with the BIM for Masonry initiative (BIM-M).

Instructional Videos

There are three primary resources for learning to use the Revit import/export: Built-in help tips within the software, a chapter in the Direct Design user's guide (installed with Direct Design Software), and instructional videos. The videos are presented here:

Tutorial Part 1 - Exporting From Revit

Tutorial Part 2 - Choosing Walls

Tutorial Part 2a - Choosing Walls (Second Example)

Tutorial Part 3 - Setting Additional Inputs

Tutorial Part 4 - Exporting Schedules to Revit